We share and amplify knowledge to accelerate the global movement to end female genital cutting (FGC). The work of our grassroots partners has shown that when communities are empowered to drive change, sustainable abandonment of FGC is possible. Orchid Project connect organisations and activists with the most up-to-date information, research and best practice to catalyse efforts to end the practice around the world; from global actors, to community-based organisations working at the grassroots level.

Knowledge Sharing Workshops

Orchid Project bring together local grassroots organisations through Knowledge Sharing Workshops. Between 2015 and 2019, we’ve held 12 workshops across Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Somaliland and Sierra Leone. These sessions allow participants to share experiences and solutions for ending FGC, increase their understanding of UNICEF’s Six Elements of Abandonment of FGC, and create supportive sustainable networks that continue to flourish after the workshops have finished.

This growing, highly participative programme helps delegates explore UNICEF’s Six Elements of Abandonment at a practical level and understand how they can be relevant to local contexts. We aim to share knowledge and understanding of a social norms-based approach to ending FGC, which we believe is one of the most effective ways of empowering communities to abandon the practice.

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Orchid Project Fellows

Committed activists and representatives from organisations around the world are working within their communities to end FGC. We recognise the strong grassroots momentum that already exists, and support and strengthen this work through our Fellowship Programme. We identify opportunities for individuals to participate in seminars such as the GirlSPARKS Girl-Centred Programme Design workshops, and seminars held at the Tostan Training Centre in Thiès, Senegal, which provide training on their human rights-based approach to community-led development.

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Amplifying how FGC can end

Orchid Project support the growth of knowledge and expertise on FGC across civil society, activist communities, academia and government. Working with our partners, we amplify best practice, and share research and resources to equip those best placed to support communities to abandon FGC with the most up-to-date information. To date, we have carried out this work through webinars, events, and by amplifying news and stories through our digital channels.


Knowledge of FGC is growing, however the true scale of the practice remains unknown. At least 45 countries around the world practice FGC, yet only 30 report national data. More work is needed around issues such as the growing medicalisation of the practice, how religion intersects with FGC, and FGC’s economic impacts.

Orchid Project highlight gaps in data and understanding, and contributes to research so we can better understand how FGC impacts girls, women and their communities and, most importantly, how it can end.

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