Job Openings

Job Openings

At Orchid Project, we have a clear vision. We work towards a world free from female genital cutting (FGC) – something we believe is entirely possible. Every year, 4.1 million girls are at risk of being cut as a result of the practice. We are a small but growing and dynamic charity with a proven track record of delivering programmes, advocacy and communications to end FGC.

We want to scale our work and increase the focus of ending the practice of cutting by 2030.  To deliver on this promise requires us to inspire others to see their role in ending FGC.  We need to continue working with partners and grow networks at global, regional and national levels.

We are currently looking for:

Programmes Manager

+200 million
women and girls are
impacted by FGC

FGC occurs in over
90 countries

4.1mgirls are at risk
each year