Take A Seat for The Summit

Tuesday 06 February 2024

This International Zero Tolerance Day For FGM, we’re asking people to #TakeASeatForTheSummit. Why? Because we believe, in line with the Kigali declaration to Close the Funding Gap, that a Global Commitment Summit will help to close the funding gap to end FGM/C.

Over 4 million girls are at risk of undergoing FGM/C anually. According to a new study, FGM is a leading cause of death in the countries where it is practised, with over 44,000 women and girls dying each year.

According to UNFPA $3.3 billion is needed to end FGM/C in 31 priority countries by 2030. Yet, another  UNFPA report says that only $275 million in development assistance will be spent  in these countries between 2020-2030. This leaves a big gap in funding for the sector. And time is running out- we need to take collective action quickly!

So, what can you do to help? We are calling on our partners, supporters and those with an interest in the sector globally to take a symbolic seat, capturing the moment and sharing it on social media using the campaign hashtag #TakeASeatForTheSummit’.

We want to show global, widespread support for the Global Commitment Summit as a mechanism for closing the funding gap to end fgm/c. 

Here are some helpful tips for how to get involved:

Sariba from The Girls’ Agenda

  • Create a sign with the hashtag on: #TakeASeatForTheSummit.
  • Take that sign and a chair (and a friend!) to where you want to take your photo- we’re asking people to sit outside. Feel free to be inventive! The more unusual or memorable the setting, the more your photo will stand out (for example, is there a landmark you could sit in front of? Is there an interesting building or backdrop you could sit in front of?)
  • Sit on your chair. Hold up your sign, look at the camera and get your friend to take the photo.
  • Post the photo on your social media using the hashtag #TakeASeatForTheSummit or send your photo to natalie@orchidproject.org and we’ll post it for you! 

We can’t wait to see your photos and your support for the summit. We thank you for your support, together, we can help to end fgm/c.

If you’d like to find out more about the Kigali declaration, follow this link.

We’d like to thank Human After All for their creation of our campaign and for dedicating their time in support of our journey to #EndFGMC.