London postcard campaign – Q&A

Thursday 10 May 2018

So you found one of our postcards in London? Please refer to the Q&A below if you have any questions, and contact miranda@orchidproject.orgfor any further queries.

What is Orchid Project?

Orchid Project is a charity based in London, working to end female genital cutting (FGC) around the world. FGC is a harmful practice and human rights violation that affects the lives of girls, women and their communities.

We partner with pioneering grassroots organisations around the world, and share knowledge and best practice to accelerate change. We also advocate amongst governments and leaders to ensure work to end FGC is prioritised.

Why did I find your postcard?

Orchid Project has shared 1,000 postcards in libraries, bookstores, coffee shops, museums, tube stations and tied to lampposts and railings for Londoners to find and either keep or pass on. We are sharing postcards with messages about FGC and how the practice affects girls globally, to raise awareness for the International Day of the Girl Child, Thursday 11th October 2018. They are intended to be found objects that speak to those who pick them up, and we hope to raise awareness for the cause of ending FGC, which impacts over 200 million women and girls in at least 45 countries around the world.

What is #DayOfTheGirl, Thursday 11th October?

The International Day of the Girl Child is a UN awareness day, which aims to highlight inequalities faced by the 1.1 billion girls alive in the world today, and share the important message that every girl deserves equal opportunities for a better future. Orchid Project is highlighting the issue of FGC on this day, to raise awareness around the global scale of the practice, and how it impacts on the lives of girls worldwide. You can find out about #DayOfTheGirl on the UN Women website.

What can I do now?

FGC is a violation of human rights, and everyone has a responsibility to do what they can to support an end to the practice. To be part our vision of a world free from FGC, you can donate via our website, sign up to receive our newsletter and share information about FGC with your friends and loved ones.

For any further questions, please do get in touch with us directly by emailing