We’re looking for two new Trustees

Friday 07 February 2020
| By Orchid Project

What we are looking for

Orchid Project is seeking to expand and diversify the membership of its Board of Trustees from our current size of seven.  We wish to appoint two new Trustees to join our dynamic Board, who can support Orchid Project’s growth and help broaden our influence and impact as an organisation. 

We welcome applications from anyone who meets the specification below but will give priority to:

(1) An individual from a country affected by female genital cutting (FGC) in the Global South 

(2) Young individual (under 30) with passion for and experience in women’s rights issues, ending female genital cutting, campaigns or another related issue

Orchid Project recognises the value of diversity and inclusion at all levels of the organisation, including at Board level, and invites the widest range of expressions of interest for these positions.

You can download the Role Description by clicking here.

Role requirements and time commitment Quarterly one-day board meetings, with pre-reading.  Participation in additional conference calls as needed, and optional sub-committees. Orchid Project Trustees serve a three-year term and can be eligible for re-appointment.
Remuneration This is a volunteer position, but reasonable travel expenses can be reimbursed.  
Location Orchid Project is located in London, however, participation in Board meetings can be conducted remotely for Trustees living overseas. 
Application requirements Please send a CV and cover letter describing your interest and fit for this role by 8th March, 2020. Interviews will take place in the first two weeks of April, with appointment thereafter.


About Orchid Project

Orchid Project has a vision of a world free from female genital cutting (FGC). Our mission is to foster and accelerate the abandonment of FGC around the world.  We are a growing UK registered charity with a global reach. Over 200 million women are living with the devastating impacts of FGC worldwide, and at least 3.9 million girls are at risk of being cut each year. FGC is a human rights violation, and we have an urgent agenda to keep our promise to girls and women to end this practice by 2030.  

Orchid Project works in three ways:

  • Advocate for prioritisation and resources to end FGC
  • Share best practice, and communicate the scale and impact of FGC and how it is ending
  • Partner with grassroots organisations working towards abandonment in FGC-affected countries 

Last year our income was just over £1M, largely from major donors, trusts and foundations. We are a growing charity with a new CEO and an ambitious three-year strategic plan. 

The role of a Trustee

Our Trustees play a pivotal role in setting the strategic direction of our organisation, and also have governance and oversight responsibility for financial sustainability, risk assessment, performance and impact to ensure that the charity delivers on its mission to end the practice of FGC.  

The Trustees meet once a quarter, and in addition attend Orchid Project events and provide ongoing guidance and support to the CEO and staff team.

This is an opportunity for a committed individual to help shape the future of a highly reputable charity that punches above its weight and whose work is transforming the lives of thousands of women and girls around the world. 

This role is not remunerated but reasonable travel expenses can be reimbursed.  

Person specification

Highly successful Trustees can come from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds. They bring diverse viewpoints and experiences to guide the organisation effectively as a whole. 

Confidence in your willingness and ability to perform the required governance and financial oversight role of a charity is essential.

You will bring:

  • Highest integrity
  • Passion for human rights issues
  • Senior-level experience in your professional area of expertise (proportionate for Young Trustee)
  • Ability to work at a strategic and visionary level whilst understanding the detail and complexities of organisational issues
  • A clear thinker, with strong analytical skills 
  • Pragmatic and solutions-oriented
  • Ability to analyse risks and opportunities, and take a balanced approach to both
  • A well-developed network, and a willingness to draw on contacts as appropriate (proportionate for Young Trustee).
  • Collegial working style, a team player – yet willing to express independent judgement 
  • Multi-year commitment to the organisation and a willingness to devote the necessary time and effort.
  • Willingness to work with fellow Board members to take collective responsibility for the governance of the charity
  • Willingness to be available to staff for advice and enquiries on an ad hoc basis
  • Highly developed people skills – emotionally intelligent
  • Strong ethos of inclusion and equality 
  • Excellent communicator in English, both written and oral
  • Good connectivity for remote participation in quarterly Board meetings, if overseas.

Desirable but not required (proportionate for Young Trustee):

  • Successful previous experience of operating on the Board of a charitable, public sector or commercial organisation
  • Experience of a similar human rights-based issue
  • Experience and confidence with influencers and at a high level 
  • Experience in raising funds or in delivering growth in a business/organisation
  • Organisational finance and budget management experience
  • Demonstrable and practical experience of delivering transformational change to organisations
  • International, regional work or living experience; well developed cross-cultural skills



If you are interested in applying for either of these Trustee positions, please send a copy of your CV with a covering letter by 8th March 2020 to chair@orchidproject.org. Interviews and selection will take place in early April, with appointment thereafter.

You can download the Role Description by clicking here.

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